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Friday, December 02, 2005

Wedding Bulletin #2

- Ethan, formerly of Chicago, now doing some NGO-giri in Bombay turned up with friend Jason yesterday. They have agreed to be the mandatory firangs an the wedding. They provided wholesome entertainment for everyone at home climbing up coconut trees and jackfruit trees in my yard. Ethan wanted to know all about what's happening in Chicago and so I started talking about the snowstorm that blanketed the midwest the day I left. "Snow?", he asked "did you say snow? What is that?"

- The pre-bedding event coordinators meeting was held yesterday. Teams were set up for handling reception, food, transportation, accommodation, decoration and Misc. My input was completely ignored.

- The number of people inside my home has increased exponentially over the last couple of days. We only talk in terms of headcount and tickets now.

- The groom's party arrive today. I have been asked to stay at home and do nothing.

- Fights between mom and moi are spiraling out of control. The latest is about what jewelry to wear when sitting at home doing nothing. No compromise has been arrived at. Everyone's been telling me that I should wear hazaar jewelry at home as hazaar people will come to see me. My point is that if they are coming to see jewelry they should go to Bhima. Needless to say, people don't agree.


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