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Monday, November 28, 2005

Random coversations

Coversation 1:

Realization struck when we were above the Black sea. I woke up Bill.

Me: Hey, you won't believe how stupid I was.

Sleepy Bill: Actually, I will. What did you do now?

Me: You know how I had to check in my rollerblade suitcase at the gate in Frankfurt?

Bill: Yes, but I saw you take out your documents and put it in your backpack. Don't worry.

Me: There's some stuff there that I did not pull out.

Bill: Like what?

Me: Like my digital camera.

Bill: What? And what else?

Me: Remember that box full of jewelry that my mom got when she came to visit.

Bill: That was stupid. How could you forget about them?

Me: Well, I did. What should we do now?

Bill: I don't know. How can you be so stupid? Its unlocked right?

Me: Yeah.

Bill: There's really we can do.

Me: Yeah. I think we should have some faith in our fellow countrymen, don't you think?

Bill: Yes. Why do we assume the worst of them anyways?

Bill promptly went back to sleep. I went back to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel.

Coversation 2:

On Friday evening, Mrs. S was franctically searching her Hobbit-size home for something. She was all flustered, muttering in Bangla. She wouldn't reply to anything I said.

Me: Your mom refuses to talk to me.

Bill: Na, she's just flustered. She is searching, can't you see?

Me: For what?

Bill: She is supposed to give you some stuff to take to Trivandrum, I believe. Like some blouse material so that you can get them stitched.

Me: So she can't find them now?

Bill: Yeah.

Me: Maybe it ain't too bad. I can wear that Kancheepuram instead.

Bill: Yeah right.

Me: But why isn't she talking to me?

Bill: Arrey, my mom's like that. She is worried.

Me: Because she cannot find some blouse material?

Bill: Yeah, my family's like that.

Mr S: Here you are. Let me read out your program in Kolkata.

Me: You have a program?

Mr S: Yes, hour by hour itinerary. Its all planned.

Bill: Did I ever tell you he worked in the military for 30 years?

Me: Yeah, I can see that.

Coversation 3:

At home, my mom shouts at my dad.

Mom: There are so many invites that we have to give out.

Dad: I know. I have it all planned. Three more days we need.

Mom: What's your plan?

Dad: I remember the list of people we still have to go give invites. We will just go.

Mom: You call that a plan?

Dad: Chill okay?

Mom: Okay, you do give invites then. I have to take the Bride to get her saris and jewelry. There's so much work to be done.

Dad: Nonsense, you have to come with me to give away invites. We can do all shopping on Friday.

Mom: On Friday? When is your daughter's wedding? Next year?

Dad: I said Chill na. It will all get done.

Mom: Right.


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