To W(B)ed a Bong

The Bedding Diaries of a clueless, soon-to-be Bride

Monday, September 26, 2005

Does she love me?

Via Chapati Mystery, here's an answer to the age-old question.

My favorite ones:

If you’re Gael Garcia Bernal: She loves you.

If you’re not Gael Garcia Bernal, but you’re willing to sit through a “GGB” marathon and agree for 10 consecutive hours that he is indeed the most beautiful and talented man alive—and so down-to-earth, too!—and afterward agree that his portrayal of Che Guevara would have earned an Oscar nod were it not for the implicit politics, agree that taking Spanish classes is a great idea, or salsa, or tango, whatever, agree, agree, agree, and that night lying in bed after sex that ends with her screaming, “Si! Si!” wonder aloud, “But you’re happy with me, right?”: She loves you, man—no one can compete with that Latin bastard. Forget about it.

Bill, darling, are you listening?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Quick updates

- Its been slow on the bedding front the last couple of weeks as both sets of parents are in their respective native places getting conned by "evil" relatives. Tamasha guaranteed when they return.

- Wedding invitations are getting printed in three different languages - English, Tamil and Bengali. I have put in a request to print it all national languages and in Braille ofcourse and that's under consideration. Also under consideration is printing invitations for a sabbathal - yes, it will printed in Hebrew as well.

- The kid bro-in-law has finished watching all seasons of Desperate Housewives. Bill laments about how kids of nowadays don't get good treatment(oops, education) in the "institution". Not like the old days, I believe. Would anyone know of a bro-in-law exchange program where I can exchange this one for a non-TV show watching one?
Hang on, while I am at it, can I exchange Bill too? For someone who looks like Ralph Fiennes maybe?