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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Bill is going to a conference in no, not Barcelona, that was the last one, no, no, not Germany either, that was the one before that, did you say Miami? No, that was a year ago - this one happens to be in Charleston, South Carolina. Ha Ha! So anyway, he was talking to a random friend with whom he is going to drive to Charleston.

Bill: So dude, I am in Chicago but will be in Pitt tomorrow morning. We can start driving tomorrow evening.

Bill's Driving Partner(BDP): Cool. And guess what? I am in Chicago too.

Bill: You are kidding man.

BDP: Yeah, I am getting into Pitt tonight. You know my girlfriend lives here in Chicago. So I am here once every couple of weeks.

Bill: Cool. My girlfriend lives here too. So I make it here quite often.

BDP: Really?

Bill: Yeah, those Southwest fares are pretty good. Now that Southwest is flying, other airlines also have reduced fares. I take it every other weekend actually.

BDP: I see.

Bill: Yeah, where does your girlfriend live? If she lives downtown, take Southwest as it flies into Midway. If she lives up North, better to take United or something.

BDP: Yeah, I take Southwest too. My girlfriend lives in Lakeview.

Bill: Dude, thats pretty close to where mine lives. We are in Lincoln Park. We should meet up.

BDP: Yeah. And dude..?

Bill: Yeah?

BDP: Do you mind if I ask you something?

Bill: What? Go on.

BDP: Didn't you just come back from India after a long vacation?

Bill: Yes. Just got back a week ago.

BDP: I thought you went to get married.

Bill: Ofcourse I did. So? Oh hang on, shoot. Did I say girlfriend? I meant wife. Eeeeks, that sounds so gross.

BDP: What?

Bill: Nothing dude. See ya tomorrow then?

BDP: Alright man.

Bill, darling, now I know why I love you. Just don't remember the wife and we will do just fine!


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