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Friday, June 24, 2005

Give the Bong a fish

Mr. S: Its all set then. We will have the wedding and reception down South and then we will have a ceremony and reception in Kolkata and ofcourse, a small reception in Bombay later.

Mr. M: Great! This is going to be a beautiful wedding. Do you have any specific customs that you would like to include as part of the marriage ceremony?

Mr. S: Of course. We have some very interesting customs. Like when 'we, the people' from the groom's side will bring a huge fish covered with sindoor. Can we get a big fish in Trivandrum?

Mr. M: A big fish? Yes, yes, we can get one of those nice handcrafted wooden fishes from the crafts institute. It will look very beautiful. We can ask them to make it in sandalwood.

Mr. S: No no Mr M. I mean a real fish.

Mr. M: A real fish?

Mr. S: Yes, a real fish

Mr. M: Like one from the sea?

Mr. S: We are used to the river ones but I guess we can make do with one from the sea instead.

Mr. M: If thats the case, maybe we can go the fishermen's pier in the morning and get one. They might have some good ones. Do we have to eat this fish?

Mr. S: Well, I guess your daughter's supposed to cook it for all of us. But no need to trouble her. Plus I am not sure whether she knows how to cook the fish.

Mr. M: I know that she can't meant that she doesn't know how to make fish in your style. She, ofcourse, makes excellent fish molly and chettinad fish curry.

Mr. S looking very skeptical: Ofcourse, ofcourse.


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OK now I am compelled to have a comment on every post! You are funny! No!!!Youcan't be a Tam. I am all confused, mallu no?

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