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Monday, June 27, 2005

Flower Power

Mr M: Hello Bill, I have great news! Today we just met the most important person for the wedding.

Bill: Who did you meet? (thinks: hmm, who is this most important person? The couple aren't important for sure, but who? Elders? The priest? This being Kerala, maybe some union leader?)

Mr M: Yes, we met.... (beat of drums).... THE FLOWER GUY!

Bill: Oh. That's wonderful !?! (Man, these mallu union types have weird pseudonyms)

Mr M: Yes, he saw the mandap, he is going to decorate it with « five flowers you have never heard of, you Bombay-bred kid »

Bill: Great!

Mr M: Yes, he came today from Pollachi.

Bill: Is that like Trivandrum main market street?

Mr M: Heh heh, you are funny. Actually its not that far, he only had to drive some eight hours.

Bill: Eight hours, huh? No, that does not sound very far. (Man, this wedding thing is totally nuts!)

Update from the Bride: For the uninitiated, Pollachi is a small town in Tamland; an hour from Coimbatore(or Palghat) and its famous for its flower markets. It lies a mere 400 kms Northeast of Trivandrum where the wedding will take place.


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